Top 10 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools


Top 10 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools, on which we can check backlinks of our site. You all know how important a backlinks are for a new blogger or the old blogger blog website. You must be aware of SEO backlinks to make your blog website successful. There has been a lot of changes in SEO. Ever since Google has updated its new algorithm. Since then there have been many changes in backlink too. The first low-quality backlink was also considered good. But Google has now ignored the low-quality backlink.

If you are to become a successful blogger then you will need high-quality backlinks for your blog website. Which will give your articles a good rank from Google search engine. The more you create the high-quality backlinks, it will be a plus point for your blog. You look forward to your competition bloggers because today the number of successful bloggers they pay much attention to backlinks.

Top 10 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

New bloggers do not think much about backlinks, because they themselves are responsible. He does not know, how the quality is backlink and how it is made. Right now, I’m going to tell you about free and paid backlinks checker tools to check backlinks. With the help of which you can check backlinks for your blog website I’m telling you about the backlinks checker tools, some of these tools are free and some paid tools.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the world’s top best backlinks checker tool. This tool comes in paid and free version. If you want to use the free version, then you will have to signup on ahrefs site first, in the free version you can see the information of your site’s total backlink, and how many backlinks we have and it has come from said-saying. You get this information in the free version. If you want to use the paid tool, then you will get even more information about backlinks and your blog website.

2. Semrush

Semrush is a world-famous Seo tool. This is also the best backlinks checker tool. We also get the backlink compare tool in semrush. From which we can compare the backlink of our blog site to another blog site. Semrush is a paid tool but you can use a free version to check backlinks.


Moz is a very powerful backlinks checker tool. This makes use of professional blogger more. If you want to use this free version, then you can check backlink only from it. If you use paid version, then you can check the domain authority, page authority, besides your blog website’s do follow backlinks, and no follow backlinks. This is a very good backlinks checker tool. You must use it once.

4. Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is also a good tool for checking backlinks. You can use this tool to analyze what bad link you removed to improve the page rank of your blog website. There is also a type of filter in it. You can use it according to your needs.

4. Rank Signals

Rank Sync free backlinks checker tool. Which gives you very good information. This tool provides information about how many followers we have on our social media, Alexa rank, information about page and domain. This is a very good free tool. You can use it.

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo comes in two types of free and paid. This is also a best backlinks checker tool. You can also try it too.

7. Google Search Console

The name of Google search console is google webmaster. In the google console, you can see the backlinks of your blog website by visiting the search traffic section.

8. Backlink Watch 

Backlink watch backlink is a free tool to check how often you can use it. This is also a useful tool for you.

9. Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is a product of world famous tool. With this tool you can check backlink of your site. You can see this by using this tool to compare your site with another site.

10. Web SEO Analytics 

In the free version of web SEO analytics, you can use only once. And you can check your competition blogger’s backlinks from this tool. With this tool, you can also backlink your blog website.

With the help of the top 10 backlinks checker tools given above, you can check all your do-follow backlinks, no-follow backlinks, bad backlinks from your blog website.


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